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Contra je nastala 2001. godine u Virovitici.
Prijatelji koji su izašli iz druženja u Muzičkoj školi, snimaju svoj prvi demo audio uradak zvanim Express! Sa motom: Budi ono što jesi !
Izašli iz Rock okružja, snimajući sve tadašnje nastupe kao dokazni materijal osobnih utiska u vremenu. Spletom okolnosti, zamrznuli su svoj rad na 20 godina.
U nastaloj pauzi od 20 godina,članovi benda nastupali su svirajući s mnogim glazbenicima i sastavima .
U zimu 2021. godine, odmrznuli su svoje ideje i nastavili put kojim su davno krenuli, napravili Reunion ! Snimivši Album pod nazivom : Sunce izlazi na zapadu ! nastavljaju svoj put prema promociji glazbe i slobode svake osobe.

Gitara - Antonio Obadić -Tona
Gitara/vocal - Matej Mihelčić - Miha
Bass Gitara - Vedran Halužan - Halac
Bubanj - Goran Moslavac - Gogs

Moto Contre : Be Yourself !!!

Contra was formed in 2001 in Virovitica. Friends who left the Music School, record their first demo audio work called Express! With the motto: Be who you are! They came out of the Rock environment, recording all the performances of that time as evidence of personal impressions in time. Due to a combination of circumstances, they froze their work for 20 years. During the break of 20 years, the band members performed with many musicians and ensembles. In the winter of 2021, they unfroze their ideas and continued the path they started a long time ago, making a Reunion! Having recorded an album entitled: The sun rises in the west! continue their journey towards the promotion of music and the freedom of every person.

Guitar - Antonio Obadić -
Guitar/vocal - Matej Mihelčić
- Miha
Bass Guitar - Vedran
Halužan - Halac
Drums - Goran Moslavac - Gogs

Motto Contre: Be Yourself !!!

Antonio Obadić - Tona ( Croatian )

Visoko proporcionalni košarkaš uronjen u melodične zaplete čvrstih rifova gitara.

U vremenskom odmaku kad je svemir ispalio bljesak , rodilo se čupavo stvorenje dobrog srca.

Uvijek na dispoziciji održati čvrst ritam, i dionicu beck vokala učini samom sebi interesantnu, a kasnije zahtjevnu za izvest live. No opet uspije.

Po prirodi mješavina Bad Religiona, Debelog predsjednika pa sve do Mikrofonije. U duši pravi punker u punom smislu te riječi.

Dobronamjeran, društven, pravi prijatelj svima koji ga znaju.

Ritmički se uvijek poziva na davno prisjećanje profesora iz glazbene škole, od kojeg je bježao sa sata gitare,a ovaj ga s ljubavlju posjećivao doma i vukao za uho nazad na sate gitare. Glavni i zaslužni za osnivanje benda i njegov reunion ! Isplatilo se.

Antonio Obadić - Tona ( English )

​ A highly proportioned basketball player immersed in melodic entanglements of solid guitar riffs. In the lapse of time when the universe fired a flash, a shaggy creature with a good heart was born. Always available to maintain a solid rhythm, and make the part of the backing vocals interesting for yourself, and later demanding to perform live. But it works again. By nature, a mixture of Bad Religion, Fat President and all the way to Microfonia. At heart, he is a true punk in the full sense of the word. Benevolent, sociable, a true friend to all who know him. Rhythmically, he always refers to a long-ago memory of a professor from music school, from whom he ran away from guitar lessons, and who lovingly visited him at home and dragged him by the ear back to guitar lessons. Main and responsible for founding the band and its reunion! Worth it.


Goran Moslavac - Gogs ( Croatian )

Sam kaže kod naših starih se najbolje jede! Visoko intelektualno biće, prepuno životnih puteva iskustava vratio se u rodni grad. Genijalac u spoznajama prošlosti i nezaboravan član svi okružja vezanih za gurmansko podneblje, roštilje , dobra vina, domaće spize. Neprikosnoveni ljubitelj bubnjeva, i svako malo stvori još dodatnu kolekciju kako bi stajala u prostoriji i za nju bi se svakodnevno zapinjalo pri ulazu.

Veliki ljubitelj ritmova Majki, Partibrejkersa pa sve do Foo Fightersa. Sinkope su mu drugo ime, mada ga od srca svi zovu Gogs. Dobričina koja je pri Reunionu benda napravio velike stvari, i za to mu bend skida kapu do poda. Danas, kada je bend vratio u Jazbinu, u kojoj se najbolje osjeća s guštom uživa u ovome što bend stvara.

Goran Moslavac - Gogs ( English )

Sam says it's best eaten with our old people! A highly intellectual being, full of life experiences returned to his hometown. A genius in the knowledge of the past and an unforgettable member of all environments related to the gourmet climate, barbecues, good wines, local cuisine. An undisputed lover of drums, and every now and then he creates an additional collection to stand in the room and would be pinned to it every day at the entrance. Big fan of the rhythms of Majki, Partibrejkers and even Foo Fighters. Syncope is his second name, although everyone calls him Gogs from the bottom of his heart. Dobričina who did great things at the band's reunion, and for that the band takes its hat off to the floor. Today, when the band has returned to Jazbina, where he feels the best, he enjoys with gusto what the band creates.

Vedran Halužan - Hale/Halac ( Croatian )

Iako je zadnji došao u bend ,možemo samo apostrofirati: Virtuoz na pragovima. Onaj tko ga ima u bendu će puno naučiti o glazbi.

Ne možemo preciznije opisati ovo čudo od čovjeka. Vrlo vjerojatno samo okružje vrsnog glazbenika , oca Marijana zaintrigiralo je Halca da se upozna sa žičanim opnama. Iskusan svirac, prepun nastupa i poznanstava na glazbenoj sceni, rođen za studio i snimanja. Prirodan klik usađen za taktove i matrice, veliki fanatik svih glazbenih pedala, multiefekt, i svega što posjeduje potenciometar za kontrolu zvuka.

Ukusom naslušan svega ,ljubitelj zvuka Foo Fightersa, Nirvane, Opeth a pa sve do Soena. Prvi producent koji je snimao Contru davne 2001. Dok svi ostali nisu imali pojma od mixetama i ozvučenju. Jednom riječju, enciklopedija glazbe.

Vedran Halužan - Hale/Halac ​ ( English )

Even though he was the last to join the band, we can only add an apostrophe: Virtuoso on the frets. Whoever has him in the band will learn a lot about music. We cannot describe this miracle more precisely than a man. It is very likely that the environment of the excellent musician, father Marijan, intrigued Halac to become familiar with wire membranes. An experienced player, full of performances and acquaintances on the music scene, born for the studio and recording. A natural click implanted for beats and matrices, a big fan of all music pedals, multi-effects, and anything that has a potentiometer for sound control. Listened to everything with taste, a fan of the sound of Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Opeth and all the way to Soen. The first producer who recorded Contra back in 2001. While everyone else had no idea about mixtapes and sound. In a word, an encyclopedia of music.

Matej Mihelčić - Miha/Mata ( Croatian )

Svjetska lutalica, putopisno štivo za pročitati.

Prirodno smiren na prvu, samozatajan, obiteljski tip koji obožava prirodu, mir i tišinu. Na prvi dojam netko tko ne ostavlja dojam spektakla i ekstravagancije.

No vjerujte, kada svi spavaju taj ga ruje okolo kao tenk!

Direktan, bez dlake na jeziku kao u tekstovima, uporan kao mazga. Zasigurno da nije u glazbi, bio bi u nogometu kojeg je fanatik od rođenja. No još od djetinjstva stvarao je poeziju ljupkim mladim damama po salvetama na rođendanima, i shvatio je kuda sve ovo vodi.

Glazbeno opčinjen Museom, Qotsa i Pipsima, a opet britak i dubok kao Balašević i Čorba, mada to nikad neće priznati. Iznimno otvoreno biće ,spremno uvijek pomoći svima oko sebe. Obožavatelj studija, pisanja pjesama i aranžiranja. Rick Rubin, Butch Vig, Leo Anđelković favoriti su čiji rad ponavlja iz dana u dan.

Matej Mihelčić - Miha/Mata ( English )

A world wanderer, a must-read travel book. Naturally calm at first, self-effacing, family type who adores nature, peace and quiet. At first impression, someone who does not leave the impression of spectacle and extravagance. But believe me, when everyone is asleep, he roars around like a tank! Direct, without hair on the tongue as in the lyrics, persistent as a mule. Surely if he was not in music, he would be in football, which he has been a fanatic since birth. But since childhood, he had been creating poetry for lovely young ladies on napkins at birthday parties, and he understood where all this was leading. Musically mesmerized by Muse, Qotsa and the Pips, yet sharp and deep like Balašević and Čorba, although he will never admit it. An extremely open being, always ready to help everyone around him. A fan of studying, songwriting and arranging. Rick Rubin, Butch Vig, Leo Anđelković are favorites whose work he repeats day after day.

About the album


Album je snimljen u zagrebačkom "Studio Depth"-u, u ljeto 2022. godine, uz producentsku palicu Filipa Sertića, koji potpisuje miks i mastering albuma. Sastavljen je od 10 pjesama te dvije bonus pjesme; Jedna je snimljena u engleskoj verziji, a druga u akustičnom obliku. Kompozicije obiluju raznim ritmovima i dio su kreativne vrste izričaja u punk pogledu, slobode i prava na stav, za koje današnja vremena ne dopuštaju osvrt niti prikaz. Glazbeno i zvukom obiluje melodija, direktan tekst bez maski i floskula, čvrst ritam, baš kao što i bend izgleda uživo na sceni. Tekstove i glazbu pjesama potpisuje Matej Mihelčić, a aranžman kompletnog zvuka svi članovi benda. Naziv albuma "Sunce izlazi na zapadu" prikazuje vjeru u bolje sutra za sve nas.

Glazba i tekst: Matej Mihelčić Miha

Aranžman: Gogs, Halac, Tona, Miha Album: Sunce izlazi na zapadu, 2023.

Producent: Filip Sertić Studio: Depth Zagreb (P) i (C) 2023. Spona Music


The album was recorded in "Studio Depth" in Zagreb, in the summer of 2022, with the production baton of Filip Sertić, who signed the mix and mastering of the album. It consists of 10 songs and two bonus songs; One was recorded in the English version, and the other in acoustic form. The compositions are full of various rhythms and are part of a creative expression in the punk point of view, freedom and the right to stand, for which today's times do not allow a review or presentation. Musically and soundly, the melody is abundant, direct text without masks and platitudes, solid rhythm, just like the band looks live on stage. The lyrics and music of the songs are written by Matej Mihelčić, and the complete sound arrangement is by all the band members. The title of the album "The sun rises in the west" shows the belief in a better tomorrow for all of us.


Music and text: Matej Mihelčić, Miha

Arrangement: Gogs, Halac, Tona, Miha Album: Sunce izlazi na zapadu, 2023.

Producer: Filip Sertić Studio: Depth Zagreb (P) and (C) 2023. Spona Music



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